Tonbak Helmi - Burning Hakhamaneshi

With a free hard case of Tombak
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  • High quality & best-selling Tombak/Donbak throughout the world by Master Helmi
  • Diameter : 27-28 cm
  • Body made of Walnut or Ash
  • Head made of Camel skin
  • It will be shipped : 3-7 days after payment / The design may be  a little different from the photos due to being produced handy
  •  Do not forget our commitment to offering you the Best Priced Tombak/Tonbak Helmi Burning Hakhamaneshi. If you have seen any of our Tombak/Tonbak Helmi Burning Hakhamaneshi cheaper anywhere else then send us an email to with a link to where you have seen it cheaper and we will come back to you with updated price.















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