Santur: Javid Afsari Rad
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CD Number [KM.72]

Published [22/11/2010]

 Santur: Javid Afsari Rad

Percussions: Behnam Samani

Ud: Shahram Qolami


Since 1986 he has been a resident of Norway, where he received an MA degree in musicology from the university of Oslo and became known as a virtuoso performer and an innovative composer. Javid has studied with the master of Indian Classical Santur, Shiv Kumar Sharma, participated in the Lakshminaraana Global Music Festival in India and performed with the world strings Ensemble led by the master violinist Dr. L. Subramaniam. He has played on several recordings, composed for theater and film, and performed with musicians and dancers from different cultures including the Indo-Persian quartet Caravan.



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