Vagooyeh -New Techniques for playing Setar

by Arash Ahmadi Nasab
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Vagoyeh book, a collection of pieces and exercises by Arash Ahmadi Nasab, recently published by Aref Publications. This book is about new triathlon techniques for students who have completed at least an introductory course. Techniques that in recent years have been heard more in the music of contemporary musicians and less in the form of education. These different forms of performance, which are mainly derived from instruments such as the dotar and the tambourine, naturally convey a special sensory expression. In the first part of the book, these techniques are introduced in the form of exercises so that students can be more prepared to perform the parts of the second part. In this way, the author hopes that students will become more familiar with these different capabilities and achieve higher executive skills.

Published: 2020

Pages: 64


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